The Squirt Couch

We have this thing here called the squirt couch. I believe we first started calling it that after we had hot red head Marie McCray here and well…she squirted all over it. (Need a reminder? You can find it here…)

Since then, some squirt couch candidates have included Annie Cruz and Allie James.

Now we have young, 20 year old Kristine Kahill on the squirt couch, where I throat fuck her ¬†until the thick drool is rolling off her face…

Who will be the next to encounter the squirt couch…you can only keep up with Sexually Broken to find out…

Watch Kristine Kahill on the Squirt Couch here!

Kristine Kahill on the Squirt Couch.

Kristine Kahill on the Squirt Couch.

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