New Feature! “The Auction” Starring Lyla Storm & Wenona

The Auction Logo

Our latest feature is out! “The Auction” is part of our “Real Life Fantasies” series, where we make your favorite porn stars BDSM fantasies come true.

Lyla Storm is a retired model, who gets a call from her agent to do one last job, just 2 days before her wedding. It’s just to “walk” a gallery open, for an exhibit by the famous Scott B. As she’s getting ready, a strange package arrives. It’s a necklace that can only be removed by magnet. That evening, a car drops her off at the hip warehouse location. But Lyla has no idea where to go. She hears a phone ring. She picks it up. The only words she hears are…”RUN.”

Find out what happens to Lyla and Wenona in “The Auction,” here.

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