Comments on XBIZ Article: Does BDSM Contribute to Violent Crime Against Women?

Roberto Valle, otherwise known as

Roberto Valle, otherwise known as “Cannibal Cop” planned to eat some women. (from Daily News Article)

Yesterday, XBIZ (an adult industry news website) asked me to comment on this article from the NY Daily News. The article is essentially about whether or not BDSM pornography has contributed to recent outrageous sex crimes that have been out in the media, for example “Cannibal Cop” or Ariel Castro, that guy who kidnapped those 3 young women in Cincinnati and held them as slaves for 10 years.

Here’s the comment that I gave in the article:

In stark contrast, Intersec Interactive CEO Matt Williams told XBIZ, that if anything, BDSM porn has reduced the rate of violent sexual crimes — particularly against women. Some of Williams’ sites are comparable to’s in their submissive role playing and include,, InfernalRestraints and more.


‘According to the U.S. Justice Department, since 1995 (when the first BDSM porn sites started popping up on the new Internet), violence against women has fallen by 64 percent. Of course not all violent sex crimes are against women, but we can hope this statistic goes both ways,’ Williams said.


He added, ‘Obviously this can be attributed to a number of factors, but we’d like to think that giving people an outlet for their sexual desires has had something to do with it. People are always looking for an easy scapegoat, especially when it comes to topics that are uncomfortable in our society, but that’s certainly not us.’

In my opinion, there’s nothing about watching porn that gives someone the catalyst to do something like what the Cannibal Cop or Ariel Castro did…