Matt Williams is a renown bondage director known for his breathtaking rope-ties and his ability to sexually overload models with endless orgasms. Matt tied up his first girl at age six. At the time it was just non-sexual; cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. However, that all changed when he got his first girlfriend in high school. From that point on bondage has been a major part of Williams’ life.

In 1999 Matt started his professional Bondage career at the preeminent BDSM porn company Insex. In 2002 he made the move to kink.com and created the competitive female wrestling site Ultimate Surrender, as well as the shemale domination site TS Seduction. He also directed Hogtied for a total of eight years, and directed Device Bondage for two years.

In 2012 Matt quit Kink.com to return to his creative roots at Intersec Interactive, the creators of Insex. He is currently directing and handling on his new rough sex and bondage site Sexually Broken and is also acting as the company’s chief directing officer.

Matt Williams Rigger Hogtied.com rope bondage

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  1. To Matt Williams

    Are you still handling Pretty Girls?

    Matt Williams,
    I joined Hogtied and stayed on there for a while.
    That’s where I saw how well you treated your Girls.
    I saw several cases where you stopped or cut short a shoot, when you saw that the Girl was in real discomfort , nausea, or pain.
    I like to see the Male Handler give the Girl REAL Sexual Pleasure, not Pain.
    The Girl then will give the Audience, and the Members real Pleasure in turn. Especially her Handler Pleasure with Interest!

    Please answer me at email
    and I will show you various ways to really to pleasure the Girl….


    • Hi JH.

      Yes Matt is still handling pretty girls. I’m glad you think Matt treats the girls well…he really does! I hope you enjoy the pleasure we give the girls on Sexually Broken…


  2. Matt,
    I joined Sexually Broken but the video was sporatic and the audio was too low.
    I want to hear the comments between you and the Girl, before, during and after the shoot, as was done in Hogtied.
    I look forward to seeing you take care of and help the Girl when she gets into a painful position.
    I like to see you give the Girl pleasure and to see Her respond to you.

    PLEASE respond to me, and help me fix the Video and Audio problems, and I will rejoin the site.

    Thank you,


    I still like Hope Howell………

  3. Hi Matt
    Love your work. This is a request and I’m not sure if she’s into this kind of BDSM. I’ve always loved Elise Graves. She can take a lot but have never seen her “broken” on your site. What’s your opinion on her as one of your Girls on SB ?
    Again, I really have great respect for Elise as a BDSM model. If she’s not for this – fine.

  4. Hello Matt,

    I was thinking of joining your site but was wondering if in your scenes the male talent reach orgasm, as in do you cum on the girls face? in her mouth? etc?


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